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Helsinki Paddleboarding Adventure 2023

Adventure Queens Grant 2023

“Our first paddlesports winner, Natasha is planning a multi-day solo paddleboarding trip in Finland. Starting in Helsinki she will explore the Eastern archipelago around the city which comprises 330 islands. As a mother of children with additional needs, Natasha SUPs for mental health and finds being on the water brings her peace.”

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February 2023 - Winning an Adventure Queens Grant 2023

February 2023 - Adventure Queens Winners

April 2023 - Planning my Finnish Adventure Queens Paddle Adventure

May 2023 - Paddleboarding in the happiest country in the world - focus on Finland

May 2023 - Sparking Joy in Summer the Nordic Way

June 2023 - Q&A featured in Stand Up Paddle Mag UK, June issue

June 2023 - Training and inspiration for a multi-day paddleboarding trip

July 2023 - Adventure Queens Finnish Paddleboarding Adventure
August 2023 - 
Paddleboarding in the Finnish archipelago - Stand Up Paddle Mag UK

AQ Grant Winner Paddleboard Expedition to Finland

Red Paddle Co - Exploring The Finnish Archipalego With Natasha Sones

Helsinki SUP Adventure 2023: About
Helsinki SUP Adventure 2023: Image
Helsinki SUP Adventure 2023: Testimonials
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“We just wanted to say how grateful and proud we are to have such an amazing group of ambassadors in our wonderful county. Natasha's Helsinki trip just goes to show what you can do when you're putting yourself out there and really getting stuck in to what you're passionate about and we're really celebrating her today... We've been loving watching you progress on your fantastic adventure and we know that so many of our other ambassadors and those that follow the page for inspiration will have gotten just that, lots of inspiration! We're glad your home safely and we look forward to seeing what's next for you and Ruby!

This Girl Can Suffolk team

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