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Adventure Campaigns and Ambassadorships

Adventure organisations I run, contribute to or am involved with as an Ambassador.

To collaborate with me for a campaign or ambassadorship please email

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This Girl Can Suffolk

I am a This Girl Can Suffolk Ambassador. This Girl Can is a Sport England campaign funded by the National Lottery. As part of this campaign, supported by Active Suffolk, my role is to help inspire other local females to be active.

We just wanted to say how grateful and proud we are to have such an amazing group of ambassadors in our wonderful county. Natasha's Helsinki trip just goes to show what you can do when you're putting yourself out there and really getting stuck in to what you're passionate about and we're really celebrating her today.“
- August edition of the This Girl Can and Active Suffolk August Newsletter

National Outdoor Expo

I am a National Outdoor Expo Ambassador. The Expo is for anyone who is into outdoor activities, including walking, climbing, running, water, camping, eating outdoors and travelling excursions.

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Palm Trees

Outside & Active

I am a Contributing Editor for - inspiration, advice and more to help people lead an outside and active lifestyle.

Adventure Queens Grant

I applied in October 2022 and I was over the moon in February 2023 to be told that out of almost 200 applications the judges chose me to be one of 2022/23 AQ grant winners!

This summer I completed a solo adventure paddle around the Finnish islands around the Helsinki archipelago of remote natural islands!

Grant Winners Insta graphic.png
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Shingle Street Bluetits

I am the admin for the Shingle Street Bluetits, a wild swimming group which is a branch of The Bluetits Chill Swimmers.

River Deben Paddlers

I am part of the admin team of a paddle group for the River Deben.

Adventure Queens

I am an Adventure Queen, a UK-based not-for-profit women’s adventure community.


I volunteer regularly at my local parkrun, Rendlesham Forest parkrun. I like to marshall and do the role of parkwalker to get some exercise.

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Successful Collaborations


Deakin & Blue x Bluetits Chill Swimmers

I was thrilled to be part of a body confidence campaign with the amazing swimwear brand Deakin & Blue and Bluetits Chill Swimmers.


#MakingWaves Project with The Outdoor Studio

The Outdoor Studio was searching for women to be involved in her #MakingWaves project and I loved taking part.

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AQ-ACAI Outdoorswear Ambassador

I am delighted to be an AQ-ACAI Outdoorswear Ambassador along with other Adventure Queens volunteers! The Adventure Queens has recently become a Community Partner of ACAI Outdoorswear.

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Save the Deben

I am pleased to be involved with the hugely important 'Save The Deben' campaign to raise public awareness of the plight of sewage in the River Deben.

I have campaigned, raised awareness by speaking to the press and on the radio, supported investigation into issues (raw sewage, farm land run off, pollution from roads etc) and the application for designated bathing water status application for Waldringfield/Woodbridge/Wilford Bridge.

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I love helping out in my local community. I organise events for the PTA at my son's school, I run local social groups for swimming and paddling, and I help out with village events too. The most recent being King Charles III's Coronation Celebration in May 2023. I also helped marshall the Woodbridge 10k Round-The-Town race recently. I love to give back, meet different people and bring people together.

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Work With Me

Natasha Star Seeker Outdoor Adventures Blog is a travel and lifestyle blog, featuring fun outdoor activities and places to travel. This blog appeals to adventurers looking for the best camping gear or ideas for days out.

As a professional writer and social media manager, I am experienced in writing blogs and articles which are informative, entertaining and know how to promote your brand/raise awareness of your destination or whatever you need. I am keen to work with brands that fit my values and love promoting products, services, and events which would benefit my audience.

Brands I have worked with include: Jacques of London, Proviz, WeDrifters, StartRite, Hygge Shades, Trunki, Xplora smartwatches, Deakin & Blue, Dino Kingdom, TOG24, White Horse Energy, Everlasting Comfort and more.

My social media handles are Natasha StarSeeker, inspired by the fact I love to look for the stars (physically and metaphorically). Follow me to see all my adventures!

To collaborate with me for a campaign or ambassadorship please email

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What They’re Saying

Natasha has shown women in our area, and the wider area, through her social media, that paddlesport is not just for men. She's a busy mother, but has worked hard to build a fun and vibrant paddle group. She's shown that paddlesport is great fun, and has detailed her progression on a SUP, to inspire others.

Wow! We have seen your blog post featuring Photowall and you truly delivered in showcasing your superb design aesthetics. We are grateful that we have become part of it!

Neil Boast MBE, leader of the River Deben Paddlers

Christines Andersson, Affiliate Key Account Manager, Photowall

This blog post is amazing, we love it! And we also love the images you’ve attached too. We have shared your blog post on Instagram and Twitter, thank you so much for writing it. Everyone in the office loves it.

Eleanor Wheatley, Head Of E-Commerce & Marketing at White Horse Energy Ltd

Thank you so much, a lovely blog. It has been great working with you.

Rosey Saunders, Marketing and PR Executive, Jaques of London

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