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Magnetic Fishing Game

Toys are a must on all Christmas lists and Jaques of London have been the proud producers of family toys and games since 1795. This Magnetic Fishing Game for Kids (£9.99) is the ideal gift.


My Magnetic Calendar

I don't know about your children but my boys are forever insisting they don't need a coat whereas practical old mum here is constantly saying it is going to rain today! My children are always asking me what day it is and what month. So when Jaques of London kindly sent us this Magnetic Calender for Kids to review I was very pleased. 

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Ecoblaze Swedish Torch

White Horse Energy kindly gifted me their new Ecoblaze Swedish Torch to try. I had organised a full moon swim with my wild swimming group so we decided to all go as a family and take the Swedish Torch with us. I cooked up pizza for the family and packed drinks and torches.

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Chinese Checkers Game

When we go away on holiday I really like the kids (and me!) to have a digital detox so we use it as an excuse to have no phones, tablets or devices. We try to make it a reset for all of us and enjoy life without technology for a bit. So it was very fortuitous that Jaques of London sent us this handmade and hand finished Chinese Checkers game board to try just before our half term trip to the Lake District. 

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