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Product Review: Chinese Checkers Game from Jaques of London

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

When we go away on holiday I really like the kids (and me!) to have a digital detox so we use it as an excuse to have no phones, tablets or devices. We try to make it a reset for all of us and enjoy life without technology for a bit.

Saying that, we do need to have some ways to entertain the kids whilst away. So it was very fortuitous that Jaques of London sent us this handmade and hand finished Chinese Checkers game board to try just before our half term trip to the Lake District. I thought the holiday would be a great time to try it out as a family.

Chinese Checkers is a classic board game for 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. Each player has ten pegs of one colour at one starting point of the star. The objective of this game is to occupy the star point directly opposite by moving pegs, and the first person to do this is the winner.

Toys and Games Makers since 1795 (the company invented the game snakes and ladders in 1873), Jaques has played host to family entertainment for centuries past and created some of the world's most adored family board games. At Jaques, they live and breathe play every day. See more of their Wooden Games and Educational Toys here.

My husband liked the strategy of the game whereas the boys just liked jumping over each other and making patterns to start with! But we all soon got into the game and figured it out very quickly - it's really not difficult. My 7-year old, Logan, really enjoyed it and ended up playing it with hubby all throughout the holiday which is unusual for him.

We all liked that it looks like a proper board game, if you know what I mean. The game is beautifully presented, in a gorgeous box with a ribbon. It is handcrafted from beautiful timber, with solid wooden playing pieces.`

This Chinese Checkers game also features a free Go Bang Game on the reverse. We had a go at this one near the end of the holiday. We found this one a lot trickier to understand though!

Although we didn't quite understand all the rules the family did enjoy playing it. I think it will just take us a bit more practice to play this one properly.

However I would definitely recommend this game for all ages. All in all, it is a lovely family fun game which is great value for money. Presented in a lovely way parents and children alike will appreciate the handcrafted pieces.

I can offer you 15% off to try them out for yourself, just visit: - perfect for a special Christmas present.

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