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Bringing hygge into your summer

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Hygge (pronounced 'hooga') originates from a Norwegian word meaning wellbeing. It is now a buzzword for a feeling of cosy togetherness and quality time in your home with friends and family.

For me I associate hygge with wintertime, when you can light candles and get cosy with a soft blanket and a hot drink.

But after researching this trend and reading books such as The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, it seems summer is just as important a season. So here are my tips for a summer day, hygge-style.

Get close to nature

Being outside, brings your life back to simple and grounds you. Sitting in the garden, walking on the beach, playing in the forest, swimming in the river... these are all great ways to find hygge through nature. Going camping with family and/or friends is a cheap and enjoyable holiday. Getting exercise and being active creates endorphins which make you feel good. Why not try horseriding or canoeing?

A family bike ride is always a fun activity. My family likes to walk our three dogs. Rendlesham Forest is a favourite place of ours as there is a lot to do there, several trails and play areas to explore. A picnic or BBQ there is a lovely day out. Especially if there is no Wi-Fi for a while!

What to wear

Clothes need to be comfortable! You can't be climbing trees or hiking in the forest if you are wearing uncomfortable heels and delicate fabrics. Trainers or boots, jeans/tshirt combo or a dress are all you will need.

Making memories

The Little Book of Hygge suggests starting a new tradition with your friends or family. Some kind of meaningful activity, whether it is playing board games or celebrating the summer solstice. For me, our family loves to have tea on the beach. Whenever we go away on holiday the last night of the trip is 'beano night', a tradition that we had in our family when I was growing up. On this night we have some kind of extra treat, like a meal out in a restaurant or doughnuts for dessert.

Have an evening campfire

Fireplaces and fires are very hygge, they are the heart of the home. But in the summer you won't want a big roaring fire! There is still a way to have it as part of your day though. After a wonderful day outside, continue the theme with some quality time outside. Build a small campfire at the beach and chill with some friends.

Having a fire in a firepit in the garden is so much fun. The children and us love toasting marshmallows together, especially with a mug of hot chocolate to go with it. Cosy rugs and throws are perfect for keeping warm as the evening draws on.

White Horse Energy kindly gifted me some natural firelighters, kiln-dried kindling and firewood, as well as pini-kay briquettes from their EcoBlaze range. They took hold really easily and burned so well. If you want to give them a try you can get a discount by visiting White Horse Energy and using the discount code natashasones1 to receive 5% off your first order placed.

As it turns to night this is the perfect opportunity for some stargazing. If it's warm enough you might want to camp overnight. If it's too cloudy to see the stars then maybe an outdoor film is possible. The children can wrap up in warm clothing or PJs and blankets and have popcorn.

Hygge is about appreciating the simple pleasures in life. What kind of hygge activities do you like to do?

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