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How to have micro adventures

Family adventures are absolutely amazing, and going on holidays can be a great way to get everyone together. But they can be costly and sometimes you might want to do something that not everyone wants to do. For example a long hike in the hills would be perfect for me but my children are liable to start moaning a couple of miles in!

That's why I am a keen believer in micro adventures. Going away solo, a camping trip with a friend, a girly spa break or an adventure with your other half - time away for just you can be invigorating and just what you need.

Going solo

A long walk, run, cycle or paddle could be just what you need to take some time off. If you would like a longer break then what is stopping you from going on an adventure on your own? Take yourself for a day out, a long walk along the beach or a solo night night away.

Partner up

Even if you can't get a babysitter, could you take some time in the day with your other half to have a date day? Go for a nice meal somewhere or explore somewhere new with the dog. If you could get a few days off together why not plan a proper adventure?

Or maybe you have a sibling or best friend to try new things with?

My sister is one of my go-to people to come on adventures with me. From climbing Mount Snowdon to white water rafting and running a half marathon with me, she is often up for my crazy adventure ideas!

Family time

An adventure doesn't have to be a luxurious holidays. You could have just as much fun at the park or a picnic at the beach. Rolling down hills and splashing in the sea is an adventure for children and doesn't have to cost much either!

Have fun with friends

If you have some like-minded pals then why not go for for a long walk or a sunrise swim with them. Just sitting on the beach looking at the stars with a fire and a drink is a fab way to spend an evening. Or I love going for a summer's evening paddleboarding.

Join a group

If you don't want to go solo or have any friends available for adventures then the next best thing is to meet up with other likeminded people. Some groups you could join include:

  • The Adventure Queens, a UK based, not-for-profit women’s adventure community is set up with the aim of delicately bringing down the barriers that prevent women from going on outdoor adventures and realising their full potential.

  • If you are into swimming, the Bluetits Chill Swimmers is a Social Enterprise supporting local communities (flocks) around the world to enjoy cold water dipping and swimming safely. Find your flock:

  • The Outdoorsy Type is a meet up group for a younger demographic; connecting those who love to walk, wild swim, share a pint in a country pub, camp, paddle board and generally be outside with like-minded people.

  • This Girl Can is a campaign of women telling their own stories about how they have fitted exercise into their busy lives, the barriers that they have faced and the positive impact that exercise has had on their life. Visit the website to find activities near you.

  • Wild Wanderers - Women Only Official is an all inclusive group who empower, support and accept all women. Here you will find other ladies who are lovers of the Great Outdoors.

  • Love Her Wild believes every woman deserves an adventure! To make adventures more accessible they provide community, funding and opportunities just for women. You can find out what adventures they have coming up on their website:

Let me know what micro adventures you get up to!

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