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Life's a Beach

At last we have some summer sun! Whether you are planning a holiday or just some weekends at the beach, here are some ideas for how to stay comfy at the beach.

Image: Shell Bay Co

Rest Easy

There's nothing nicer than chilling on the beach. But what can you use to sit on and be comfortable?

Saving money...

A big tarp or blanket is perfect for avoiding sand. If you don't have anything suitable anything will do, an old towel, a sheet, a cardboard box. A good idea is to use a fitted sheet with items in each corner to ensure the sides are pulled up - this stops anything getting into your space, no sand in your sandwiches! Or just some camping chairs are helpful if you want back support while enjoying the rays.

Want to buy...

These extra large, super absorbant recycled beach Star towels from Aurina (pictured below) are easy to hang with a central loop. Ideal for sport, leisure and holidays adventures. Packaged in a neat pouch, these towels are perfect for the beach, the gym, kids swimming lessons and more. Visit to get one, priced £24.95.

Stay Cool

Choose clothing made of thick material or dark colours, because these fabrics contain a higher SPF than lightweight, light coloured cloth.

Saving money...

At the beach you don't need an expensive robe to keep you dry after being in the water. A terry towelling robe or towel is perfect. To stay cool and dry wear light clothing, particularly quick drying. Layers will keep you warm after a swim if you are getting a bit chilly and an oversized hoody is perfect for the evenings.

Want to buy...

This super cute Kid's Hooded Beach Poncho (pictured, right) is £29 from ebbflowcornwall -

Perfect for lazy days at the beach, swimming and outdoor life, your little ones can stay warm while having the freedom to play. Made from 100% cotton, quick drying and super lightweight.

In the Shade

Remember that the sun’s UV rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm. Try to stay in the shade if you are outside during these times.

Saving money...

Provide yourself with the easiest form of shade with a hat and sun lotion. If you need larger shade, you could use a golf umbrella, parasol or large umbrella? That will do to keep the sun off. Alternatively a tent or gazebo could be put up if you are staying a while.

Want to buy...

For a luxury beach umbrella, try the Black Pebbles Beach Umbrella (pictured at top of page) from Shell Bay Co ( With 100% cotton tassels created for your ultimate beach day or a relaxing day in the garden. This stunning piece of art will look fabulous and it has sun protection: UPF50+, 98% UVA & UVB Protection. Comes with a matching canvas carrier bag for easy transportation and storage.

Time for a Drink

A chilled beverage on the beach is the perfect thing to enjoy the waves with.

Saving money...

Any drink is fine at the beach but if you really want to enjoy it, being chilled is the best way to go. Try cooling drinks in the fridge before you go and keeping them cool in a cool bag.

Want to buy...

If you feel like being sophisticated, this floating beach wine glass is a great idea.

An environmentally-friendly alternative to reuseable glasses, this glass is designed with the needs of the wine-drinking outdoorsy person. Instead of the traditional flat base, this wine glass has a special stick stem with a tapered end - allowing you to shove it into the ground and the sand. Whether you're barbecuing at the beach, lazing at a picnic or camping in the wilderness, simply slip the stem into the sand or ground, and it stays upright!

It also floats in water because the stem acts like a keel, keeping your glass upright. You'll never again spill a drip while you're taking a dip! Made from shatter-proof, BPA-free acrylic, this glass is durable, great for the environment, convenient and outdoors-friendly. Available from Yellow Octopus,

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