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Paddleboarding on the River Deben - February 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Today I had my first proper paddleboard of 2021! Conditions were perfect... weather was unseasonably warm for February; 10 degrees and sunny. The wind was an extremely low 3 knots (according to my trusty app, Windy). We had worked out the tides.

The paddle definitely felt like spring, the sky was filled with shadowy clouds. The huge open skies are one of my favourite things about Suffolk, especially the sunrises/sunsets and cloud formations. It was amazing to feel the sun on our faces for what feels like the first time in a long time. I was in definite need of some serenity after yet another long week.

My friend Lorraine and I went mid-morning to time it with high tide. The River Deben is tidal so you need to launch roughly two hours before or after high tide to avoid the muddy “walk of shame” - something I came extremely close to on the river in December. I misjudged the tide coming back and it was really low, I got out to try and carry the board back to try side but the mud was too boggy so managed to somehow paddle back instead. Not an experience I want to repeat!

We launched along the river at Bromeswell, near Wilford Bridge. Paddled towards Woodbridge, under the bridge and then back.

I’ve also been watching the Netflix film Magnetic, about intrepid athletes chasing their extreme form of bliss. Getting inspired to get out there and make the most of the weekend. Work hard, play hard. Have a good weekend!

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