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Product Review: Ecoblaze Swedish Torch from White Horse Energy

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

White Horse Energy kindly gifted me their new Ecoblaze Swedish Torch to try.

What is it?

Also known as a Finn Candle, Swedish fire, Siberian tree torch or Eco Torch, the Swedish Torch is a whole birch log with cuts made three quarters of the way down using a chainsaw, and a firelighter wedged in the middle.

This creates a long-lasting, self contained fire as it burns from the inside out. You can use the flat top as a cooking surface.

It was first used by Swedish soldiers during the Thirty Years' War - using a saw, hacksaw or an axe, the Swedes are said to have made burning and glowing logs to warm their soldiers.

The birch log measures 45cm in height and between 17-25cm in diameter. It is split three quarters of the way down into four sections and kiln dried. It also has a rope handle attached for portability.

It looked great and we couldn't wait to test it out on a family adventure!

Camping and eating outside

I had organised a full moon swim with my wild swimming group so we decided to all go as a family and take the Swedish Torch with us. I cooked up pizza for the family and packed drinks and torches. Bundled up with blankets and hats we went to the beach to meet the other wild swimmers. The rope on the Torch made it easy to carry across the beach. Hubby set the fire burning while we had a lovely dip in the North Sea. It was lovely to warm up around the fire afterwards.

The Swedish Torch is perfect for that controlled burn when you’re camping and cooking outdoors. The firewood log is split down three quarters of its length into sections so that the pieces are still held together. This is already done for you. It was really easy to get going. You can use a firelighter to ignite it from the top or start a fire using kindling and the fire will slowly drop down into the Swedish torch. (Make sure you light it on a non-flammable surface).

When lit, the fire is contained within and burns outwards slowly from the inside. It can provide a great way to cook food if kept on a level surface.

As the log burns, embers and coals fall from the top and into the cut slots. This ignites the log from within and keeps the fire going. We took the opportunity to toast marshmallows after our swim, which the children (and adults!) loved. It lasted several hours and was the perfect thing for our beach evening. All my friends loved it and commented on how easy it was to use.

Perfect for an adventure outside or camping trip. Read my top tips to love camping in autumn in Find out more about cooking on the Swedish Torch here:

White Horse Energy kindly also gifted me some natural firelighters, kiln-dried kindling and firewood, as well as pini-kay briquettes from their EcoBlaze range. They take hold really easily and burned so well.

If you want to give them or the Swedish Torch a try you can get a discount for new customers by visiting White Horse Energy and using the discount code natashasonesblog to receive 5% off your first order placed.

White Horse Energy is committed to providing the best value firewood available in the UK - without compromising on quality! You can be assured that you are purchasing wood that is carefully prepared and safe to burn.

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