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Product Review: Let's Learn My Magnetic Calendar from Jaques of London

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

My children are always asking me what day it is and what month. So when Jaques of London kindly sent us this Magnetic Calender for Kids to review I was very pleased. The children were also very excited to unwrap the large attractive and brightly coloured calendar.

This Magnetic Calendar is an ideal first Calendar for children to learn from, for

children aged 3 years old and above.

The reusable calendar is easy to hang and suitable for children to move the magnets independently. Just put the days. months, seasons and weathers where you want to. We liked the fact that it is magnetic so you can't lose the pieces. It has something to hang it up with as well so that it can go on a wall.

A fun way for kids to learn days of the week, the boys loved putting the pieces in the right places. It reminded them the order of the months and they love changing it to the correct date every day.

It means they will also begin to recognise the names of months and days, associating them with seasons and weather.

We love our family adventures and I try to encourage us all to be outside as much as possible, so the seasons and weather magnets will really help with that as we will be able to work out what the weather is like and and which clothing is needed.

I don't know about your children but my boys are forever insisting they don't need a coat whereas practical old mum here is constantly saying it is going to rain today! I like the fact this calendar will help the children to make sense of life and our planet.

Toys and Games Makers since 1795 (the company invented the game snakes and ladders in 1873), Jaques has played host to family entertainment for centuries past and created some of the world's most adored family board games. At Jaques, they live and breathe play every day. See more of their Wooden Games and Educational Toys here.

Here is a discount of 15% for you so that you can try them out for yourself, just visit: - perfect for a special Christmas present.

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