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Product Review: Magnetic Fishing Game for Kids by Jaques of London

Toys are a must on all Christmas lists and Jaques of London have been the proud producers of family toys and games since 1795. This Magnetic Fishing Game for Kids (£9.99) is the ideal gift.

As usual, the game is very nicely presented. In a circular sea life themed box, it has a handy carry handle and removable lid.

There are a couple of different ways to play the game and we dived straight in with just trying to get as many sea creatures as we all could! Bringing out our competitive sides we played several times, coming up with strategies to try and grab as many as possible.

It's a great ways to develop your children's fine motor skills, the ability to concentrate and hand-eye coordination. This game is suitable for up to four players and is designed to encourage collaborative play and the ability to take turns and communicate with other players. It's great for younger children to have a go as it's not too complicated and doesn't require a parent or guardian to do much for the child.

On the other side of the sea creatures is a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation/symbols. This creates a host of other games you can play with the toy. Such as using the mix of letters and number are make a word that begins with the letter you have caught, use the punctuation mark you have caught in a sentence and explain what it is used for, create a maths question using the numbers and mathematical operations included. Overall this was definitely a hit with our kids.

Toys for young children

Toys and Games Makers since 1795 (the company invented the game snakes and ladders in 1873), Jaques has played host to family entertainment for centuries past and created some of the world's most adored family board games. At Jaques, they live and breathe play every day. See more of their Wooden Games and Educational Toys here.

By the time children have reached the age of three, they are little entertainers. Jaques of London's toys for three year olds includes a variety of creative and imaginative play toys to encourage their self-expression. Through music, arts & crafts, and pretend play, your little ones will begin to nurture the imaginative world unfolding around them.

Here is a discount of 15% for you so that you can try them out for yourself, just visit: - perfect for a special Christmas present.

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