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A Hygge Lifestyle - March 2021

I am a big believer in the hygge (pronounced "hoo-ga) lifestyle. This Scandinavian concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses the sense of wellbeing through enjoying the simple things in life. This blog is mainly about getting active outdoors but when you are inside your own home it is all about cosy nights in, candles, soft blankets, fluffy socks, a good book and general hygge.

For me, the perfect hygge night in would be the fire lit, candles giving off a warm glow, fluffy warm blankets, a hot drink and some chocolate or cake plus a great book. I snuggle up with my dogs and family and maybe watch a family film together, laughing.

This would come after an active day out, such as a long forest walk or watching the sun set whilst paddleboarding.

You can easily introduce hygge into your life with a cosy outdoor swing or bench to enjoy your garden in, some gorgeous scented candles, a fluffy pair of socks or a cosy reading nook to relax in.

Treat yourself to a new throw, bake a delicious-smelling cake or bread which will fill the whole house with an aroma such as ginger or coffee.

Below is a picture of my "hyggekrok", an area in my living room I have made into a reading area. Meaning cosy nook, I replaced the DVDs with a bookcase, added a little wooden table and lamp. The finishing touches were a cosy blanket and candle. Reindeer are a bit of a thee in my house too, hence the cushion. I love to snuggle up here with a hot chocolate and a pile of books, next to the fire. The children and dogs love to lay here too!

I read about this idea in The Little Book of Hygge, a book gifted to me as a present which I have found very inspiring.

Do you incorporate hygge into your life in any way? From a warm bath with candles to a fluffy blanket? Let me know in the comments below!

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