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Beast from the East 2! - February 2021

Recently we had the Beast from the East 2 which resulted in a whole WEEK of snow! Just to make things clear, here in the UK we hardly ever get snow and it is usually a few disappointing flakes which turn to mush very quickly. But this was beyond my wildest dreams. Proper big flakes of soft snow which enabled snowmen, snowball fights and best of all - sledging!

I have never experience proper snow in Hollesley yet - all the other times is has not laid as we are on the coast. But this time it did and with the snow drifting in from the fields it created huge snow drifts by the sides of the country roads. Our own little cul de sac saw several cars stuck and unable to leave our circle. It really felt like we were snowed in.

Coming on the heels of a couple of months in national lockdown it was exactly the magical thing we all needed to release our inner children. Every day I took the opportunity to go for snowy dog walks and we found the perfect huge hill on Hollesley Common where we all took turns sledging down it.

Shingle Street was the best part - the snow transformed it into an alien landscape, somewhere totally different like Iceland or Lapland.

The untouched snow made it feel like we were walking on the moon!

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