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Kit Review: Two Bare Feet Entradia XL Paddleboard

Read my review of my paddleboard; Two Bare Feet Entradia (Allround XL) 10'10" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP here.

I chose Two Bare Feet for my first paddleboard as it had been recommended to me by a few fellow paddleboarding friends. I also decided to go for an XL one to give me a bit more stability as it has an extra 6” thickness.

Extra kit

I bought the Two Bare Feet Entradia (Allround XL) 10'10" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP Starter Pack (Red). I wanted to have all the kit at the same time, so this included the drybag, fin, paddle bag, pump and paddle. I paid extra for a leash.

The manual pump is perfectly fine, but after a while I graduated to a Hiks electric pump (£69.99) to save my arms! The 12 Volt electric pump is for boards up to 20 PSI. The adjustable digital pressure guage allows you to set and monitor the pressure with auto stop when the pump reaches the set pressure, and comes complete with 4 different attachments.

I would also recommend buying a quick release waist leash as well as an ankle leash. I bought a Panda Board Sports one from Amazon (£17.99). British Canoeing advises wearing a quick release leash instead of an ankle one. This is because if you become snagged on an obstacle and the current is strong, you will easily be able to detach yourself from the board. In the unlikely event that you have to detach from your board, there is an easy-to-grab toggle for you to pull.

You should also wear a personal flotation device, allowing you to stay safe even if you come off your board. For more ideas of paddleboarding kit, see this article for


Due to the size of the board, you can comfortably carry a rider and passenger. I have paddled with my two boys on it at the same time, holding on. I could probably fit all three at the same time. I feel very balanced paddling on it and it feels really stable.

You could also load it up with cargo for a long day on the water, utilising the extra space the 10’10” length provides. Perfect for a paddleboarding camping trip!

Two Bare Feet says that the Entradia 10’10” is capable of performing in any conditions, from flat water distance paddling to white water fun and surfing. It’s also a fantastic family option which can be shared among parents and multiple children during days at the beach. Although I haven't taken it either white water rafting or surfing (although I want to), I have paddled it on rivers, lakes and the sea and would definitely recommend it.

I mainly love taking the board out on the River Deben, a tidal river in Suffolk. I've also paddled it on the sea and Lake Windemere in the Lake District, as well as other rivers locally.

Any downsides

After using the paddle about five times it completely snapped in two. From being on a few forums this is possibly a common problem. However I emailed Two Bare Feet and was sent a brand new one very quickly so no complaints with the customer service.

I also find it takes a bit longer to pump up than some of my friends' boards but that is because it is usually the bigger one.

Paddleboarding with children

The kids have all had a go on it and it is a good beginner paddleboard for them to try under supervision.

Read my blog post about keeping safe around water with children here.

All in all I would recommend this paddleboard as a reliable board which feels super stable and a good bit of kit.

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Steve Dog Wildman
Steve Dog Wildman
Apr 17, 2022

Fair review. Here's mine, from down in Devon!

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