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Review: Dr. Doggy Ultimate Dog Protection Pack

Our dogs are part of the family and we love walking them and adventuring with them. So it's super important to make sure they are safe and healthy. Here is a review of the Dr. Doggy products we were kindly sent.

There are lots of products on the market and it can be hard to know which one is the best. We were sent the Ultimate Dog Protection Pack from Dr. Doggy (£59.99).

So I gave the products a try to see how they worked out...

Ultimate Dog Protection Pack

We were kindly sent the Ultimate Dog Protection Pack from Dr. Doggy (£59.99). Billed as an all-inclusive power-packed solution for your dog, The Ultimate Protection range protects your pet from becoming ill through infection transmission and helps sooth basic pet ailments.

This is a complete dog care range to sanitise and protect skin, fur, surfaces, bedding toys & laundry. The protection pack consists of sanitiser and protector, bedding and laundry protector, spray and go fur protector, skin healer, shampoo and fur protector.

How it works

Dr. Doggy aims to provide a healthier well-being for your dog. All their products feature a non-toxic anti-microbial solution which prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from adhering to fur, skin, surfaces, and textiles for long-term protection. This solution also kills potentially harmful germs and provides protection against unwanted skin conditions.

With children in the home it's very reassuring to know that the products protect the family and home from odour-causing bacteria and viruses, and protect children from potentially harmful germs.

Scented Home

With three dogs who sleep *everywhere in the house, I often worry I have gone 'nose blind' when it comes to the dogs! Whenever we have visitors round I light some candles to take away any offending scents.

Dr. Doggy promises no more bad odours – caused by pesky bacteria and viruses – and they all have gorgeous fragrances. It was lovely to have some fab smelling products for the house.

Bed Wash Day

As it was a gorgeously sunny day I took the opportunity to wash all the dogs' bedding. A couple of squirts of the Bedding and Laundry Protector into the washing machine where the fabric conditioner goes and all the beds were clean and smelling lovely. It is scented with a cotton-fresh fragrance.

The Bedding & Laundry Protector eliminates odours and stains - handy when we have three dogs! Keeping the pet’s bedding, blankets, and toys free from smells, harmful bacteria and microbes.

As well as the bedding I was able to clean the house with the Sanitiser & Protector. Smelling of a lemon-fresh fragrance, this is perfect for making your pet’s environment free from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Ideal for the disinfection and protection of hard and soft surfaces in the home, car seats, interiors, soft furnishings, chairs, and beds.

Skin Healer

Skin Healer is an advanced topical skin healing cream designed to kill bacteria and viruses to promote natural healing for a range of skin conditions in dogs.

Our chihuahua is a serial licker and she seemed to have a couple of red spots on her paws, probably from where she keeps licking herself.

I put some of the Skin Healer on her red patches. It boasts anti-itch formula for itchy skin and allergy relief, antiseptic properties to soothe and heal broken skin and moisturising ingredients to treat dry and irritable skin. It definitely seems to have worked as she is not licking herself anywhere near as much, which is fab news. It creates a protective barrier on the fur which cannot be licked off so it was perfect.

Fur Baby

For a refresh in between baths, the Spray and Go Fur Protector is great. Scented in Baby Powder fragrance so it smells lovely, I sprayed the dogs' fur and then brushed them down. Their fur was clean, soft and well-conditioned.

It was also helpful to know they are protected against harmful bacteria and viruses for maximum long-lasting protection. A great way to keep dry fur clean, healthy and odour-free without the need for shampoo.

If you're wanting to bath your dog then the Shampoo & Fur Protector is a great dog shampoo and safe for use as a delicate puppy shampoo and conditioner for the little ones!

I would definitely recommend these products to protect your fur babies!

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