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Walks, sharks’ teeth and photoposts

Today I started the morning off with a lovely 10 mile walk with my friend Jane. We walked from Shingle Street to Bawdsey and back.

Hoping for sunrise, it was instead very foggy but we still had a lovely walk. It was lovely and sunny on the way home. At the beach we stayed a while looking for sharks’ teeth (Jane - she found 4) and photographing the sea (me).

We stopped for a bit of geocaching on the way home but didn’t find anything unfortunately.

I was intrigued to see the photo posts. Bawdsey has been very fortunate to be selected for a new and exciting project that will use photo-posts to help record stretches of our coast and river. The Bawdsey Monitoring Group is widely respected for the sustained work they have done in measuring beach erosion between East Lane and the mouth of the Deben.

Photo-posts are posts permanently positioned at predetermined locations. On the top is a metal bracket that is orientated for a specific view, into which one can place a smart phone. Anyone visiting the site can take part – you just take a photograph from the post and upload it to a website with a few details of when you took it. The photos provide us all with a record of change, but can also be analysed and used to support and influence future decisions about coastal management.

The Bawdsey PhotoPost project is a collaborative project involving AONB Suffolk Coasts & Heaths, Deben Estuary Partnership, Bawdsey Parish Council, and coastal scientist Helene Burningham of University College London (UCL). Similar citizen-science projects are being set-up elsewhere in the UK and beyond, and are proving incredibly popular and informative in equal measure

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